• Value Added Services

    • Using our bulk SMS solutions, you do not need to have the SMS gateway and GSM SIM card. Zero signup fees, no setup cost and our SMS software is free.

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    • Responsive Web Development

    • 1. We crate fully responsive website with latest technology
      2. Effective website design that makes an impact
      3. We build custom E-COMMERCE portals with mobile application

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  • Who We Are

  • Headquartered in Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, We are developing centers in many major cities of India. The Company’s strength comes from its highly qualified and motivated employees who manage profit center based divisions. With its extended network of strategic business associates and distributors, we have been able to provide products and services to its major customers in the Indian subcontinent.

    Our’s commitment to technology and support has been its areas of strength and the reason for its customers to choose Multiplesystem as a vendor of their choice. Our customer base includes major Corp-orates, Goverment & banking establishments and SMEs


  • VAS

  • Using our bulk SMS solutions, you do not need to have the SMS gateway and GSM SIM card. Zero signup fees, no setup cost and our SMS software is free.

    This service can be used by Organizations to communicate with their customers, send notifications and for internal communication.Our web based control panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place.

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  • Web Development

  • We design and develop highly quality website that help you to increase the size of your online business.We will Create a beautiful, affordable website design for your creative marketing project

    We create the responsive website so that it can support to all mobile phones, tablets and I-phone.

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  • Server

  • A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.One of the main benefits of the Dedicated Server solutions is the nature of the environment.And virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service.

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Sudhanshu Kumar
  • Sudhanshu Kumar

  • Anshu has over 7 years experience in the creative industries and has been designing and developing websites for over 6+ year
Payal Jhamta
  • Payal Jhamta

  • The girl with dreamy eyes and designer dresses havung 3 years experience. Works extensively with PHP, HTML, Css, Wordpress, Magento etc.
Kshitij kumar
  • Kshitij kumar

  • An ordinary boy with extraordinary skills of designing. He got 3 years of experience in UI/UX Designing and awarded by many institution like ISTE, IIT Ropar, PTU e.t.c of his Leadership, Innovation, Cooperative, Managing skills.
Mohan Singh
  • Mohan Singh

  • He got 7 years of experience after his graduation in 2009, Got extensive working experience in public dealing, relation building and online marketing.

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