Dedicated LongCode

Dedicated LongCode

Buy Dedicated Longcode and create unlimited Keywords using our control panel

Buy Dedicated Longcode and create unlimited Keywords using our control panel

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So Intuitive, So Easy

All the incoming sms will display in your online account. Online Inbox will display sender’s mobile number, sms content and date time of sms.

Multiple Account Management

You can create separete account for every subkeyword You can request for reseller account if you want to sale keyword. You can run application at your own domain.

API for Application Integration

We allow http api for application conectivity. All incoming sms can be pushed at your server for your keyword.

Real time editing

Any time you can change your Reply sms or API.

Faster Than Short Codes

Unlimited messaging throughput by pooling long codes. Our intelligent API will automatically balance your messages across all of your long codes.

24/7 Support

Any query about product ask any time.We are available 24/7



Choose any of the following plans to get start with. You can always change your plan from your account.


Rs 2500 /Month

NO Monthly Commitment
Email/Mobile/URL API Forwarding
Full Integration Support

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Rs 2000 /Month

Customized SMS for Auto Replies
Auto Reply option
Full Integration Support

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High Traffic

Rs 1750 /Month

Customized SMS for Auto Replies
Auto Reply option
Full Integration Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I use long codes?

Long codes are intended only for person-to-person interaction. This includes normal texting between two people, group SMS applications that join multiple users together, or a forwarding application (someone sends your app a message, it forwards the message to your phone).

Scenarios for Dedicated Long Codes

• Financial institutions can give their customers the ability to check their balances via mobile.

• Network monitoring companies requesting up-time information from their servers.

• Dating companies seeking value-added services to extend outside the Internet

How do Long Codes work?

A wireless subscriber is made aware of a Long Code, whether through TV, radio, online or through an advertisement, and asked to send a text message or call the 10 digit number. The wireless subscriber then addresses a text message to the Long Code number (e.g. 212-555-1212) and enters text into the message.

Once the wireless subscriber sends the message, it is routed through the wireless service providers’ network to the Long Code messaging or voice server. The wireless service provider’s messaging or voice server then determines where to route the message based on the Long Code and which application provider or brand supports/ corresponds to the Long Code.

The application receives the message and routes it through the software application, which could include sending a confirmation or follow-up message back to the wireless subscriber who originated the message.

What is Long Code and why do you call it that?

Dedicated SMS long codes give your application the ability to receive Mobile Originated SMS (also known as MO SMS, Virtual Mobile SMS or Incoming SMS). This means that your customers can send messages directly to your application from their mobile phone!

Long Codes are just like your mobile phone number. Your own number is 10 digits (xxx-xxx-xxxx) and so are ours. We just call them long because 10 digits is longer than Short Codes that are five or six digits.